Video – Marketing

Alberta Foundation for the Arts: Art Series
I wrote, produced, directed and edited a series of six half-hour programs on Alberta artists, entitled “Through the Eyes of an Artist,” hosted by Leslie Nielsen. Each half hour show contained three seven minute segments. The eighteen segments can be viewed in their entirety here. They aired on commercial television stations in Canada, the CBC, and PBS in the United States.
Excerpt run time – 60 secs
Program total run time – approx. 140 minutes
(under 3 hrs)
AGT: “Real Estate Assistant”
A new product that grew in popularity across Canada rather rapidly, the “Real Estate Assistant” allowed real estate sales professionals to carry MLA information with them throughout the day in a little portable computer. This program was used to help influence real estate boards across the country to promote the use of the devise within their jurisdiction. It uses a story to demonstrate both how the product works and the benefits of using it.
Excerpt run time – 1:22
Program total run time – 8 mins, 30 secs
Axia NetMedia: Corporate Video
Axia NetMedia needed a program to tell present shareholders about the tremendous success they had had and to properly explain what they do. Nobody to this point had been able to tell the story to laymen in a simple manner. Animating a visual concept of what a “network” looks like was key in communicating the concept of high speed communication throughout Alberta.
Excerpt run time – 1:17
Program total run time – 6 mins, 10 secs
Axia NetMedia “Supernet Launch”
After several years of working with the Alberta government to build the fastest computer network in the world, Axia was ready to announce the launch. The Supernet connects schools, libraries, hospitals and government facilities and offices, allowing for interactive, real-time broadband television, voice and data transfer between any two or more points on the network. This program was completed within an extremely tight deadline of only a couple of weeks.
Excerpt run time – 1:03
Program total run time – 10 mins, 15 secs
Bitman Resources: “The Egg”
Bitman Resources built one of the first plants in the Fort McMurray, Alberta area to pioneer oil sands development. The Bitman plant developed an early and highly effective means of separating sand from the bitumen in the ground. This program explained the process in an effort to take it to the “next level” of funding.
Excerpt run time – 1:19
Program total run time – 10 mins, 32 secs
Huntingdon Mills: “Flamestop Fleece”
“Flamestop Fleece” was a new flame resistant fabric that was vying for a large portion of the industrial uniform marketplace. This short promotional videotape shows this new fabric undergoing a series of flame tests that showcase its superior protective capabilities. Shot in Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal, the program is a great example of our ability to incorporate scientific testing with a promotional “look and feel” in under 5 minutes.
Excerpt run time – 1:10
Program total run time – 4 mins, 33 secs
Husky Energy: “AGM”
We produce a video for Husky Energy’s Annual General Meeting each year, along with a second one for their employees. As they’re somewhat similar, here is an excerpt from the main video directed to investors. Each year, we develop a different visual concept and incorporate cutting edge animation, animated stills and helicopter footage to take viewers across the world to view Husky current projects and assets.
Excerpt run time – 1:46
Program total run time – 8 mins, 13 secs
Jayman Master Builder: “The Excitement is Building”
For Jayman Master Builder, we developed a series of video programs that are used at various stages of the home buying process. Both the purchaser video and corporate video feature “Jackson Davies,” a well-known Western Canadian comedic actor. It features a light, humourous tone to help make the purchaser more comfortable bridging the time gap between purchase and possession. The purchaser video outlines the process of building your home after you have purchased it. There was also a maintenance video produced, with tips on how to make your home stay like new for many years down the road.
Excerpt run time – 1:26
Program total run time – 15 mins, 4 secs
Qualico Development: “Diamond Cove Estates”
Qualico Development needed a program to promote a development nestled in an area of the city that was both near the downtown core (in travel time) and close to parks and recreation, as well. This video positioned the area very well using actors and live footage of the amenities within and close to the development.
Excerpt run time – 1:30
Program total run time – 5 mins, 10 secs
Pyramid Corporation: “Corporate Video”
To meet a tight deadline (the National Petroleum Show), we produced a four minute corporate video. While the video was produced to stand on its own, it was also the main component of a business card CD that could be handed out to promote the company. Over the next year, we developed another video to focus on the company’s work in the forestry sector.
Excerpt run time – 1:09
Program total run time – 3 mins, 47 secs
Pyramid Corporation: “Forestry”
The Footner Plant in High Level, Alberta was one of the largest oriented stand board plants in the world. Construction management was Pyramid’s job – the plant was finished ahead of schedule and well under budget. This program will give a good idea of the magnitude of the project and some of the challenges along the way. The purpose of the program was to show the level of expertise Pyramid had in trackling similar types of large projects.
Excerpt run time – 1:03
Program total run time – 6 mins, 38 secs
Wenzel Downhole Tools: “Motors”
Wenzel Downhole Tools is an oil and gas services company. Their primary area of expertise is in directional drilling and they provide one of the most highly acclaimed directional drilling motors in the world today. We’ve developed a series of videos for the company that are not only used to promote their products, but to train in their use. The programs uses high-quality animation to show what happens down hole (under the ground) as well as interviews with clients who have used the products and swear by them.
Excerpt run time – 1:30
Program total run time – 5 mins, 28 secs
Wenzel Downhole Tools: “Trenchless Construction”
In the world of horizontal drilling, education is always a large part of sales. In this instance, we used video to explain the process of using horizontal drilling to lay pipes under roadways. This video was instrumental in showing how this technology could be used in new applications.
Excerpt run time – 1:11
Program total run time – 8 mins, 5 secs