Video – Training/Education

Husky Energy: “Take a Second Look”
“Take a Second Look” is an comprehensive safety video for employees who work in pipelining or at an associated factilities. The approach was to find an actor to represent an employee and to tell part of the story from their perspective. This is a far more effective method of communicating what can be perceived as a “boring” message in a more compelling manner.
Excerpt run time – 1:34
Program total run time – 22 mins, 2 secs.
Husky Energy: “Pizzey – Take a Second Look”
Lorne Pizzey is a victim of a tragic accident on a Husky Energy pipeline site. This front end interview with him was added to the front end of the “Take a Second Look” video. It’s a touching story and was very moving to shoot.
Excerpt run time – 2:44
Program total run time – 22 mins, 2 secs.
Petro-Canada: “Due Diligence”
“Due Diligence” is an extensive, modular program that is used in training sessions for employees who work in service stations. Shot across the country, it features a well-know Western Canadian actor for the English version and a equally well known Quebec actor for the lead in the French version. They fill the role of a service station manager learning what goes on beneath the tarmac and why it is critical to undergo careful recording of daily tank “dips”. Each version is well over an hour in length, comprised of several modules. We wrote and produced the program.
Excerpt run time – 1:42
Program total run time – approx. 1 hour (10 modules)
(also produced in French)
Petro-Canada: “Safety at the Drill Site”
We have written and produced more safety programs that we can remember – no kidding! This program features Jackson Davies (Policeman John of the long running series, “The Beatchcombers”) as Fred, a retired drill hand. During 9 interactive modules produced as a DVD, you get to learn his story and the most important things to watch out for on virtually any drilling rig. Interactive questions at the end of each module help to test the viewer’s knowledge.
Excerpt run time – 1:15
Program total run time – 9 modules totaling 40 mins.
Petro-Canada: “Inventory and Category Management”
A series of three video programs totaling about 1.5 hours in length was developed for Petro-Canada to train station managers. These programs were part of a move to put more business responsibility into the hands of station managers. We were responsible for writing all three scripts, shooting all the footage and editing to final. We also developed these three video programs in French, for a Quebec audience.
Excerpt run time – 1:27
Program total run time – 21 mins.
The SHARE Group: “Northern Exposure”
Work on the development of the Mackenzie Valley Pipeline will require a huge influx of workers into the Mackenzie Delta. This program was developed to communicate to prospective workers the challenges of working in such a harsh environment while at the same time introducing the concerns around the damage humans can have on such a pristine habitat.
Excerpt run time – 1:39
Program total run time – 16 mins, 36 secs
Pulse Institute: “Four Forces of Harmony”
The Pulse Mediated Conversation training program consists of multiple modules that explain the key concepts of principles of mediation through the use of animated graphics, interviews and role-plays. This is a portion of one of the modules. We wrote the scripts in conjunction with a our clients and helped design the modular approach of the video segments. It is delivered in live sessions, assisted by DVD playback.
Excerpt run time – 1:42
Program total run time – approx. 1 hour, 30 mins of produced modules
Shell Canada: “Nightshift”
A somewhat dated program now (shot on film in the early 80s), this program was groundbreaking in that it tried to accurately portray a “day in the life” of a sour gas plant worker. The program was responsible for helping reduce the number of “bad hires” (those who found that after training, they didn’t really like the work or the schedule), thereby reducing labour costs substantially.
Excerpt run time – :53
Program total run time – 10 mins.
Presentations Inc.: “Presenter-Pro”
“Presenter-Pro” or “The Eight Habits of Highly Persuasive Presenters” is an eight module training program using actors to role play the development of a persuasive presentation. Course participants can follow along and develop their own persuasive presentation as they watch the course over the internet or on DVD.
Excerpt run time – 1:42
Program total run time – approx. 1 hour (8 modules)